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Jul 29, 2021
golf r
Putting full set up dynaudio into my golf r cabriolet , it was not an option but was fitted to TDI cabriolet . It’s a mark six . Everything is a straight replacement having made up looms > to - amplifier - wires from head unit . > from - amplifier to speakers . All speakers are, dynaudio direct replacements., The head unit is the rns 315 .

The only addition in the dynaudio speakrt setup is a single unpowered subwoofer in one rear panel where I have sourced the correct fitting panel. It is similar if not identical to the front dynaudio speakers.

my question is how do I wire the subwoofer . Is it from the dynaudio out pins if so what pins , or is it directly from the head unit . I cannot find pin in or outs diagram which take a subwoofer out . Any help appreciated .The subwoofer speaker by the way is not powered but an extra dynaudio single speaker . Thanks for any input.. a suppose a general question also may answer this , Where does dynaudio send a bass signal to an unpowered speaker , or it from the RNS 315 unit .