Dual Horn kit tutorial

Tdi/gti kid

Nov 4, 2019
Denver Co.
2011 Jetta Tdi
MK6 Jetta TDI Dual Horn Kit Upgrade

(This is informational only and I assume no responsibility for your project, efficiency, damage or other issues.)

I'm sure most of you know how to do this already. I'm posting it merely because I myself couldn't find a tutorial for ME. Hope it helps someone trying to upgrade from the lame OEM horn on the MK6 Jetta.

STEP 1 -
Remove the lower grill on the passenger side of the vehicle.
There are eight clips to be released and the prudent person uses a plastic tool so as not to do damage. I started at the top edge, inserted the tool between grill and the bumper and gently pried upward.

STEP 2 -
Here's the back side of the lower grill so you can see what you're dealing with.

STEP 3 -
Here's a look inside the grill opening on the passenger side. There's the OEM horn (in the ellipse) and the bracket/flange it's attached to. It's a 14mm nut. After we review the kit parts you'll remove the horn and set it and the nut/washer aside. They will not be used.

STEP 4 -
I'm using a dual horn kit from Andy Rodriguez at AA Rodriguez. The horn kit comes with a low and high tone horn (2) and the metal bracket. For the MK6 (at least MY 2012 Jetta TDI) you'll need their advertised adapter for a one horn configuration. It consists of a split wiring harness. It's very well made.

STEP 5 -
Removal of the old horn requires releasing the connector. This is the sort of thing you can spend 30 minutes on so I'm providing three looks in the hopes it's a 30 second task.

Here's a closeup of the connector and a pointer to where we're going to insert the screwdriver tip for releasing.

Small standard screwdriver in that upper opening, then pry toward the brown and black wires.

Now the kit installation. Connect the new wiring harness to the two new horns. Then connect the harness to the OEM connector - it's a very snug fit. I opted to affix one horn (horn2) to the new bracket, tightening the nut by hand. On the other (horn 1) I left the tooth washer on the threads then fed the post up through the hole in the new bracket, then the flange.

It takes some jostling, wiggling, and repositioning to get the dual setup back in and in the right position. It occurred to me it might be better to mount horn 2 on the opposite side of the bracket but I made it work this way and as long as everything was secured I didn't care much what would be where.

The last step is to replace the grill. I figure if you can take it off you can get it back on so I'm not picturing it here.

Hope this is helpful.
2011 Jetta TDI sedan had a 13mm nut instead of 14mm. Heads up for that model.