DSG good for high miles without repairs?


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Feb 8, 2014
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Now with the buyback vs keeping our tdi cars I am wondering about the longevity of the dsg transmission.
I like the performance we get from our diesels with economy to boot. Now it seems we will get extended coverage on the DPF and HPFP from VW if the fix comes through.
All thats left in the major expense repair I guess is the Trans.
Are people getting 200k trouble free?
How about the DMF? also if they need repairs what type gf money are we looking at?


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Apr 10, 2003
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The DMF is a wear item at this point. Be it a standard or automatic, they have issues, and VW keeps updating them. I don't know if the newest version is reliable or not, but the old ones certainly have a problem.
Mine started making noise at about (I'm guessing) 100,000 miles. I am now at 132,000 and it is still making about the same noise. I will probably have to change it soon.
I got a quote of $1,250 from an independent, and something like $2,200 from VW.

The transmissions are generally good. Some people have had issues with the mechatronics unit, but I think that has been taken care of. I don't know the lifespan of the clutches, but it should be good. Proper oil change intervals are supposed to be important, especially the first one. Someone here (Oilhammer?) saw a customer's car that had over 100,000 miles on the fluid, and the trans was still working, IIRC.

The one thing that I have had go bad on my car was the exhaust flap. It's been replaced twice now (under warranty). I expect it to go bad one more time before I turn the car in. I am guessing they lasted 50-60,000 miles.
The other is the pressure sensor for the DPF, and they don't warranty that as an emission component, so it is 3/36.

In my non-professional opinion, the weak links, or potential problem areas are: DMF, mechatronic unit, and clutches. I have never heard of anything else going bad in the transmissions. To be honest, I personally don't expect you to have problems with the mech. unit or the clutches.

I don't think the extended warranty is going to do you any good. I believe they are from the date of the fix, and are supposedly only going to be 4 years/48,000 miles. The HPFP is already warrantied to 120,000 miles. The DPF is 80,000 IIRC. You might get a little more on that, with the extension.


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Apr 18, 2009
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Dual Mass Flywheel.

google up "DSG DMF"


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May 16, 2011
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Every vehicle manufacturer has dmf issues, it's a wear item. I have 2 dsg cars with over 400,000km on them, no clue when the fluid was changed last or if ever. Both are on turbo/tuned cars and work like new.


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Dec 10, 2005
DSG longevity

For what its worth, I have a 2005.5 Jetta TDI with the 6 speed DSG transmission with 463,000 miles with no repairs to the transmission. Very conservative driving habits, 40,000 mile transmission fluid changes are important. The flywheel was changed at 343,000 miles.