DRVOLKS.com finished the 24 hr. Lemons race


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Sep 15, 2009
Bob Mann Auto, 111 High St, Pembroke MA 02359
Many TDI Jettas and a Beetle Race car fitted with CNG dual fuel conversion.
finished the 24 hr. Lemons race. We did well for the first outing a lot of rain all week end . Saturday we did 9 hrs with 3 drivers it was dry some times. Sunday 5 hrs with so much rain it was 8-10in on the straight away at 80-90 MPH it was hold on and point!!! The 4 wheel drive was a blast to drive. out of 120 cars on a 1.7 mile course we finished 47th.
The car is dedicated to my wife Sues late mom Leni that her flag we fly.
next year the CR TDI going in 7 hr runs with out fueling that how to race!!
Next race Oct in NH.