Drivebiwire's Timing Belt Instructions Mk4



-Remove the valve cover
-remove the vacume pump
-loosen the tensioner and remove the nut
-install the cam lock tool
-Hold the cam pulley using tool #3036 and loosen the cam pulley bolt
-use VW puller T40001 and pull the pulley off, slide the belt off the pulley and then remove the pulley.
-Install the injection lock pin
-rotate the flywheel so that the TDC mark lines up with the very small aluminum tooth
-use a small screwdriver to jam in the flywheel and keep the flywheel from moving off of the TDC mark
-starting from the crank moving counter clockwise pull and wrap the belt around the pulleys so you end up putting the cam pulley on last
-put the cam pulley bolt through the pulley
-make sure the belt is over the tensioner
-now pull the belt tite and push it onto the taper of the cam
-once the cam pulley is on the cam hand tighten the cam bolt but only finger tite
-make sure the belt is over the tensioner but do not set the tension yet
-check that the flywheel is at TDC
-check that the injection lock pin is in all the way
-check that the cam lock tool is all the way in
-set the belts tension so that the tooth and groove line up perfectly (recheck in 1,000 miles and every 10K after) then recheck all the alignment marks
-now tighten the cam bolt to 33 foot pounds AND NO MORE!!!! if you overtighten it will crack the cam at around 50foot pounds!
-now recheck all the alignment marks if everything is lined up, and they should be remove the setting tools
-hand turn the engine using the 3036 tool counter clockwise ONLY!!! until you complete 2 revolutions of the camshaft
-once you do that get in and bump the engine with the starter to check the belt alignment on the pullies.
-The reason this is important is so that you center the belt on the pullies before starting it the first time. Once the belt is centered on the pullies go ahead and start the engine, the engine should fire right up the very first time without delay!, If the engine started let it run for 10 seconds and watch that the belt rides perfectly centered on the pullies, if the engine did not start recheck the timing marks.
-If you followed all the steps exactely then the motor will have started, once your satisfied the cam timing is correct now button it up and adjust the injection timing

To adjust the injection timing:
-Hook up the Vag-Tool
-start car and read data blocks 002 and 009 in the "Basic settings" mode
-look at the timing graph and see where the numbers in blocks 2&9 intersect, if they are in the grey area on the "C" scale in the center do not adjust
-if the number intersect out of the grey area you need to adjust the timing

To adjust the timing:
-stop engine and remove top plastic belt cover
-use a 13mm socket and loosen, ONE AT A TIME loosen, replace and gently snug up each of the new bolts. The correct bolt should be gold in color, if not then it is blue this is a stretch type so you are limited to a very low torque while adjusting the timing, once the timing is set there is a higher final torque that stretches the bolt rendering it unusable if ever removed. Do not remove all three bolts at the same time or else you have to redo the whole timing belt because the pulley will come off!!!
-once the new bolts are in loosen them slightly and rotate the injection pump center bolt using a crecent wrench toward the front of the car to advance and toward the car to retard (advance makes the number intersection go higher on the graph and retarding makes the number intersection go lower on the graph)
-once the timing is set torque the three bolts and reinstall the belt cover