DPF values on vcds (PD)


Jan 8, 2021
2.0 BMM
Hello friends!
I have a 2.0 BMM motor and today i borrowed a cable and decided to check the particulate filter values on VCDS (among other things)
They are as below (see 3 pics) Note: it is a cold start so don't mind the temperatures
What caught me is the Carbon Filter Particle Mass ( value=87.0)
I never had any fault codes regarding dpf, also dpf light never came on during driving.
Last trip i felt a slight loss of power and the exhaust became louder under 1500rpm for some minutes ( as i can see now it was a regen, it says 20km before which seems about right)
It has only done these types of regens, only passive not active.
What do you guys think? Thank you