Dome Light Flicker on Door Lock


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Sep 29, 2005
Vancouver, BC
VW 2002 Golf 5 speed TDI Indigo Blue Pearl
Looking for suggestions on starting where to troubleshoot.
I've used the search with no joy.
2002 Golf TDI 4dr.
Sometimes when I lock the doors, the dome light flickers. It's fast and I can hear what sounds like relay clicking in the dome area (dome switch set to door trigger)
Unlock/lock again doesn't resolve the issue.
If I open door and turn the dome switch from on/off back to door trigger and lock again it can resolve the issue.

Never flickers while running or in 'unlock' state. Only when FOB 'lock' command.

No other electrical issues, but passenger door switch isn't functional (ie pass door open doesn't trigger lights and get lock 'honk' even if passenger door open)
The passenger door switch issue has been faulty for year without the dome flickering happening.

No other modifications made to correspond to the flicker issue.

Thanks for any advise.

As an aside - what is the current best thought for replacing door switch?
Lots of info on here.


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May 25, 2010
Beaverton, ON
2003 jetta tdi
drivers door switch is probably getting flaky is my guess "stupid $3 switch' thread around here somewhere.