Does anyone use 'Torque pro' , and a bluetooth dongle


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Feb 26, 2011
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Just get an xtool vag401

Mobile, cheap and runs most of what ross-tech can run.
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Aug 24, 2015
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Thanks again, but I don't see those settings(or written in that terminology) in the Torque Pro app version that I have (there are settings to getting the adapter to read from the ECU quicker, or slower, but nothing like what you indicated above.

I did give it a go changing these fast/slow adapter settings, with no luck, and my Torque Pro is the latest version.

Maybe it's just the ELM 327 adapter is incompatible with this year of manufacture/model, or type of ECU, I am prepared to buy another Bluetooth adapter, but I'd like to get one that's known to work with this particular VW TDi and it's computer.

I know my existing ELM 327 does work correctly though, and that it does pull up real-time data, and fault codes from the family's other VW cars, and that I don't think there are bent pins or problems with the cars ECU, I'm thinking it's just an incompatibility issue between my ELM 327 and the ECU somehow.

works for my 2002 vw jetta TDI just cleared a code and read it yesterday


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May 10, 2010
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Ok so I just bought a cheap OBD2 bluetooth scanner to connect to my equally dubious Android head unit. This is on a TDI converted Eurovan with an AHU running GQ ecu software. I Installed Torque Pro and for the life of me I could not get it to recognize the ECU.
After scanning the internet and reading many associated TDI club posts I was no smarter. but I did find a website of someone selling ELM327 clones and recommended adapting the settings in the Torque app to read or communicate in ISO 9142 or ISO 914-2 as it is displayed in the app.

Bingo it started working.

I may try using the KWP2000 protocol tomorrow.
Hope this helps someone.


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Mar 27, 2019
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Check your K line or CAN+/CAN- wires at the radio harness

Another perspective on the Bluetooth OBD II adapter/Torque Pro not recognizing or communicating with the ECU: I couldn't get the OBD II adapter to communicate with the ecu of my '03 with the double-Din radio. I snipped the CAN wires at the radio harness plug, and no more issues reading the ECU. Doing so disables OEM radio diagnostics, but I had planned for an aftermarket radio and had no use for that feature.