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Dec 25, 2022
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What's up everyone!
I had a thread going on mk6 forums where I came from with my old gti. Figured I should have it here instead.

In the words of Doug DeMuro, "This is my 2013 Volkswagen Jetta Sportwagen TDI. And today, I'm gonna tell you all about it and my plans for it."

Bought it in December 2022 with 107k miles, previous owner was supposedly a mechanic and it seems to be pretty well maintained too. The interior is in fantastic shape given its age, especially the leather seats, no cracks or anything with the bolsters. There are unfortunately some burn marks in the back seat, I suspect one of the first owners was a smoker since this thing does not smell like it was smoked in at all.

I am the 5th owner of this car, it came from Minnesota (which seems to be the most active sub on here) so if anyone on here recognizes the car please reach out to me as I have questions. It is moonrock silver with a 6 speed manual transmission.

Plans for vehicle:
Timing belt service and cp3 pump swap. (trying to keep this thing for well over 500k miles.)
Vagcom VCDS tools (got a lead on one on the mk6 forums so I'll probably snag that)
Malone stage 2 (July or August of this year once the warranty is up)
CTS turbo intake (installed 12/22)
Gti rear sway bar or maybe passat (open to others opinions)
Dogbone insert (can't decide if I want 80a or 90a)
S3 short shifter (may go dieselgeek if I find a used one for cheap, but the s3 was perfect for my gti)
Tinted windows (probably 20% in the rear and 35% up front and a 5% brow)
Shocks and springs (still not decided on if I want just oem or lower it)
Led interior lights(too lazy to install right now)
Fog lights (still undecided if I want to get these or not)
Smoked or clear side markers still not sure which ones yet.
Front splitter (most likely the cupra R front splitter)
Rear diffuser (found a body kit on magna tuning, just have to stomach the $200 in shipping from Europe, might buy the whole kit and not just the rear)
Custom rear cargo area (thinking some nice carpet, don't want to add unnecessary weight with wood)
Android auto headunit
Back up camera
Roof rack and cargo carrier (this will be for a road trip to Florida with the wife and kid)
Pet/kid seat cover to keep the leather seats clean with the car seat installed
Hatch pop kit
New louder horns (almost got hit 3 times on the way home from buying it)

That's my plans so far for it. I'll probably update this and or remove stuff as I will probably change my mind on something here.


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Jul 20, 2018
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Go to media (top left corner drop down), then add media, save. Then have to come back to your thread here and click around in the tool bar above the typing box (I forget what the icon looks like on a computer) to find the add my media one. Click your photos, click continue at the bottom and your set. Somewhere there is a how to add photos thread/sticky but idk how people save those with them for easy access or what they do to pass them out to newcomers so fast as i can never find the darn things. Might be under "tdi 101" but honestly I don't know at the moment.