Detroit companies fined $350K for selling diesel emission bypass kits


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May 1, 1999

Mostly relevant because Green Diesel Engineering once did TDI tunes. It was a frequent mention in the Fuel Economy section because it really did bring noticeable FE + HP improvements.

In a May consent order, the EPA says Green Diesel Engineering marketed, sold or installed more than 6,450 such software devices for Dodge, Jeep, Mercedes, General Motors, Volkswagen and Audi models under the names “Hot Tune,” “Eco Tune,” “Tune Update,” and “Custom Tune.”

According to the EPA, the company tuned some 2014-2016 Dodge Ram and Jeep Grand Cherokee models that were part of a Fiat Chrysler recall and repair program that installed emissions control software after the automaker was found in 2019 to have built them with cheat software designed to make them emit less pollutants during testing.

Green Disesel Engineering was previously fined $50,000 by the state of California in 2018 for selling aftermarket emissions bypass products.

The EPA violations followed a 2019 Green Diesel Engineering inspection and test on a 2014 Black Ram 1500.

The EPA’s crackdown on diesel emissions cheating began with onset of the Volkswagen scandal in 2015. The agency began focusing more on aftermarket devices in recent years.

Last year, two Oakland County companies, Diesel Ops LLC and Orion Diesel LLC, were fined $10 million for selling defeat devices.

In April, federal prosecutors announced charges against 11 Michigan men and three companies, including Griffin Transportation of Grand Rapids, whom investigators say were involved in a complex aftermarket scheme to evade emission controls on semitrucks.


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Apr 23, 2006
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Yeah, the EPA is cracking down on virtually anybody and everybody it seems like.

I used to live in California, and even then just knowing that CARB could fine you upto $25,000 for every instance of tampering with emissions controls on a car, I opted to not do that when I was working on cars there, especially since most people have to have them smog checked every 2 years, way too likely to get caught. I was on Malone's tuner list for awhile and I turned down every delete request on commonrails, especially since they had started to do biannual smog on 1998 and newer diesels starting in 2010.

Can't get caught if you're just not doing it. But, I understand owners' frustrations when there seems to be a high failure rate and they're rather expensive and a bit complicated to replace, not to mention improvements in fuel economy when they are "opened up".

But man, it's just not worth it having the government up your behind for such things. I owned a 2014 Passat for awhile, a customer of mine decided they wanted it more than I did, so I sold it to them and went back to a Mk4 and added a B5.5 wagon (again, now the 4th one I've had) last summer. Driving more and worrying less with the older TDIs.


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Mar 10, 2023
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Not new news by any means, we had several local diesel shops hit for doing deletes, and selling/stocking parts, and having "off road" tuning software.


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May 30, 2022
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GDE was doing alot of exploding of the 2.8L GM minimaxes. I have one, (not tuned by them thankfully) but their sale tactics were uh, not my bag. I thought it sounded fishy. they were offering all this stuff that was way better than everyone else, it stunk of dieselgate.