Design our logo!!!!

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Jul 29, 2001
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This has been successful in the past, so let's try it again.......

Design the official TDIFest 2011 logo. It should have a local flavor. Therefore, consider Kentucky, Lexington, and Bluegrass themes.

I need a small logo for the front of the shirt that is one color.

I need a larger logo for the back of the shirt that can be two colors.

Feel free to suggest T shirt colors to complement your design. However, consider that light color T shirts show grime, and are easy to stain. White is verboten!

I need these in hand by June 1, 2011. The committee will select the top three designs, and the TDIClub membership will pick the final design in a poll to be posted June 1. 15 days to vote.......

Caveats. Any design becomes property of TDIFest 2011 until end of TDIFest 2011. For commercial designers, you are welcome. If you wish to retain any rights to your design, you must issue a blanket use permit for logo use during the duration of the TDIFest 2011. This includes T shirts, sweatshirts, cups, kerchiefs, awards, banners, get the idea. No monetary compensation will be offered for any design submitted.

Design away!!!
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Dec 3, 2007
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Behave!! or we'll end up with a thoroughbred with an exhaust stack protruding from it's...umm...
Will it be running on Bio-Diesel and belching thick black clouds of ..... from the stack? LOL :p

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