Des Plaines Illinois to Rock Hill S.C.


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May 25, 2004
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Des Plaines Illinois to Rock Hill South Carolina. Door to door distance = 810 miles (13-hours). I’m thinking the following route:
• Des Plaines, Illinois - 294 to 94
• Gary, Indiana – South on 65
• Indianapolis, Indiana – 65
• Louisville, Kentucky – 65 - 64
• Lexington, Kentucky – 64 - 75
• Knoxville, Tennessee – 75 - 40
• Asheville, North Carolina – 40 - 26
• Spartanburg, South Carolina – 26 - 85
• Blacksburg, South Carolina – 85 - 5
• Rock Hill, South Carolina – etc.

There seems to be a lot of construction in Indiana according to Google Maps. Hope I don’t get shot by a sniper going through the Chicago area and along the north portion of Indian. Should be able to make it without refueling if I drive the speed limit.


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May 27, 2003
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Here is an alternate route to I-40 that will break the monotony of Interstate driving.

On I-75 in Southeastern Kentucky, take Exit 29 and go east on Highway 25E. It is a 4-lane with a 55 mph speed limit ... you'll be good at about 62 mph. There will be 7 traffic lights in the first couple of miles. Then, you'll have about 60 miles to Cumberland Gap (Ky, TN & VA). There will be three towns with a few traffic lights. However, they are all on the 4-lane and traffic moves just fine.

Anyway, once you reach Cumberland Gap (Middlesboro, KY) and go thru the tunnel into Tennessee, it will be smooth sailing to I-81. Go west on I-81 to 1-40.

This route totally by-passes Knoxville, TN and also cuts off about 40 miles.