Dealership forgot to fill up coolant


Jun 25, 2014
2013 passat TDI SE.... turned in. 2015 Jetta SE
I had a battery issue and decided to take car to dealership. While at the dealership, I decided to get my dsg service done. While at the dealer ship , I had them change the carbon ; fuel and air filters , the 2nd mod was also done on the vehicle. After spending 4 days an spending almost 800 dollars, picked up the car and noticed I was not getting air from the passenger side. Took it back and they replaced heater core which was covered under warranty. Before the heater core was replaced , coolant was drained and tested for leakage. No leakage was found before heater core was changed. Picked up my car yesterday and decided to drive it to work today. On my way back, I started smelling something funny , then I had steam all over the car. Pulled over and opened car and noticed there was no coolant. Since home was a mile away, I added some water and drove it home. Now dealership wants me to tow it in at my expense. Has anyone been through this before. My can has never had any major issue apart from battery change at 40k miles.