Dealer Loyality Cards

Mar 15, 2007
2004 Jetta
I considered selling my card for a loss 350/400,....but lately it seemed like the market was flooded with them,...SO,...... I decided to purchase tires for my F-250 Diesel.

The bill was 700, part was 200 out of pocket.

IMO,...not too bad and much easier than trying to unload my card to someone else.


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Jul 8, 2013
2x 2013 JSW (1 manual BOUGHT BACK 12/20/16, 1 DSG BOUGHT BACK 1/14/17), Audi A3 e-tron gas-plugin-hybrid, gas Volvo V60
We have two TDI so two dealer cards. I paid a $100 deductible for a O2 sensor replacement issue.

Then we bought an Audi. One of the local VW places is associated with an Audi dealer (not where we got our Audi which was out of state) and the parts guy was more than happy to "buy" whatever Audi accessories I wanted from the Audi dealer, put their "standard" markup on them, and resell them to me using the dealer card. (The prices for most things came in under the normal Audi MSRP on the items). So I ordered a roof rack, bike carrier for the rack, front and back heavy duty floor mats, and a cargo net. Two of the items the VW shop had anyway as they are cross brand accessories, and the others he got for me in a day from the Audi dealer (which is 15 miles away but under the same auto group) and I am picking them up next week when I am down that way again.

You can get creative. My other plan was going to be a set of tires to either resell locally or save until I need them. But then the Audi came along.