Dealer Kudos (Long Post)


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Mar 10, 2003
Fredericksburg, VA
'04 Passat Sedan
I want to pass on some comments regarding my recent experience with Martens VW service department.

A couple of days after having my ’04 B5.5 serviced at the local dealership where I purchased it, the car developed a stutter at certain speeds and was down slightly on power. There was also a very pronounced sound of what I thought was a vacuum leak coming from the driver’s side of the car.

During the service appointment, it was noted on the repair order that the tech found a “small oil leak on the turbo seal; cleaned”. There wa no other issues were noted on the repair order and the only item noted on the “courtesy inspection” was the air filter would need future attention.

On the Monday following the service, while driving home from work, the “EMISSIONS WORKSHOP” message came up on the cluster display and the engine symbol lit up.

When I called my local dealership to ask when I could bring it in to get the car looked at, I was told that unless the engine symbol began flashing, it was safe to drive the car and I could bring it in the following Monday, their first available opening.

I checked and cleared the fault code with Vag-Com, (16485, Mass Air Flow Sensor, implausible signal) and I let the car sit for the next two days. On the following Thursday, I drove five miles to the fuel station where I always fill up and within five miles after leaving the station, the “EMISSIONS WORKSHOP” message came up on the cluster display and the engine symbol lit up again.

Through another forum member I got in touch with Jeff Wesolowski, a tech at Marten’s who said I could bring the car in the next morning (Friday) and they would check it over as an emergency service as I was leaving that morning for a 1000 mile trip. Jeff made all the arrangements with the service writer for me to come in as a walk-in customer as they did not have any appointments available.

When I arrived on Friday morning at 7:15, the service writer, Steve, treated me as if I was a long time customer while taking my information and getting everything entered into their computer system.
Jeff came out after a while and took me out to the service bay to show me what was causing all the problems. The “small oil leak on the turbo seal” wasn’t on the turbo or anywhere near the turbo. The cause of everything was caused by the local dealership tech failing to properly seat and secure the tubing that runs from the turbo to the intercooler inlet, resulting in the stutter and MAF fault code.

After about two hours, everything was fixed, the code was cleared and I had my car back, running a good as new.

I cannot say enough good things about Jeff and Marten’s service department. I am giving serious consideration to taking my car there from now on for all my service needs. It’s 70 miles to get there but they have highly trained and knowledgeable technicians and I highly recommend them.