Dad´s old VW Jetta II


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Nov 13, 2000
Ludwigshafen, Germany
Nice one, the new hupcaps fit fine.
For the paintjob. Few people here repaint their cars. Repaiting a car is very expensive, and normally costs more than the car´s value. The winters here aren´t that tough, and if you care for your car (i.e. regular washing) you can keep the paint nice over the years.


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Jan 16, 2000
Saugerties NY
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I'm looking at that page, and all of a sudden it's "thats my signature!" hehe. because, it's true and all. My '85 has power nothing, just the way I like it. (not even A/C)

That car looks great, as does where you live! glad to see it so clean. Your euro spec taillights look a lot brighter then the US ones. Do you know how much a junkyard overthere would charge for a set with the bulb holders? What about used headlights? I've heard that they are very bright. Thanks.

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Real Volkswagens don't have power anything...


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Sep 9, 1999
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Actually they are not that good compared to more modern designs - like on my Audi - or even when compared to the Polo´s headlights. What especially does irritate is the black spot right in front of the car when you switch from Low to High Beam. Like they are switching off a bulb and lighting another ... strange.
While Jetta headlights are much much rarer than Golfs here, you can always get some decent headlights, I suppose.
I have to look around for a good online store.


Boy, that is a nice looking A2, don't tell me that is the original paint job too!!!