custom scangauge install in New Beetle


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Aug 10, 2013
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I have started the personalization on my Beetle :D

The rounded dash and steering column parts have a nice OEM look, but are not good for new radios, little doodads like a scangauge, etc.
I had it velcroed to the top of the column, but it obscured the fuel and tach, and I had to reach behind it to set the trip meter. Sorry, no before pics but it was about 3/4" higher.
I removed the steering console top and laid out a hole in it, 13/16" back from the front edge and 1" wide by about 4" long to start. The console top is held on by two #1 phillips screws from below.

I started cutting it in with a razor knife. Not too pretty yet, but I trimmed it up once I had the hole through.
Once I had the hole cut, it was obvious I needed to go wider. The shape of the hole was defined by the profile of a high part of the cover.

I cut it a little wider yet, and this is what it looked like from the side.

On the top of the steering column there is a clip for a set of contacts, probably the horn and airbags. I took the scangauge apart and determined I could notch into the gauge itself to miss that clip.
I centered the gauge up and marked it with a pencil, and cut that with the razor knife.
I removed the board and display, of course.

Here is the final look. Before, the wire exited the right side of the gauge. Now it goes out the back and is totally hidden.

In that photo the column is adjusted all the way up, and is about 3/4" back from the front stop. That is the only limitation, you can't push the column all the way forward.