Cross Lake Carferry drops prices

Nov 13, 2001
Kalkaska Mi.
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I thought I'd mention to the TDIers coming to the 'fest from the East that the Lake Express carferry is offering a cut rate of $40.00 U.S. on their late crossing from Muskegon, Michigan to Milwaukee Wisconsin in August. The boat leaves Muskegon at 11:00 PM (2300 hours for you old salts
) and the crossing takes 2½ hours, plus you'll gain an hour going to the Central timezone from the Eastern.Their web addy is and they say the discount applies to both one-way and round trips. If you're really into diesels, she's got four MTU 16V 4000 M70 diesels for main propulsion that give her a service speed of 34 freakin' knots!
(almost 40 MPH
)I think I'm going to have to reconsider my decision on the 'fest!


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Oct 21, 1998
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As of Saturday, August 20th, there are something like 30 car spaces still available on the 11pm crossing on Thursday the 1st.

V's, you reading this? Is this something you'd want to shoot for?? That's quite a haul, but would get us into WI very early in the morning on Friday.

Yikes, what kind of a one day-drive is that?!

The Friday 10am is already booked. The 4pm has about 7 spaces still available.


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Oct 14, 2002
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For those coming from the North East, this is a very attractive option in my mind. Chicago traffic on a Friday is bad enough, let alone on an extended weekend. I'd avoid Chicago at all costs. Others coming from the East, look at the option taking I74 out of Indy, and cutting up I39. This route is much faster.


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Apr 26, 2001
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It's a bad-ass boat. I took it a few weeks ago to cut some michigan trip time down.