CR TDI throws P0238+P0113+P1592

May 9, 2021
2.0TDI Golf
I bought a super cheap 2010 passat B6 with a CEL+flashing glowplug light, never thought I would but it was too cheap to let it go.
It throws the following:

P0113 Intake air temp circiut high input
P0238 Turbocharger boost sensor A Circuit high
P1592 Altitude sensor/boost pressure sensor Implausible ratio
These three fault codes appear equally but at totally random times, normally while engine braking/slowing down but usually not during high engine load.

Previous owner tells me it could work just fine after deleting the fault codes for two weeks or two minutes. To me it sounds like a wiring issue to the boost pressure sensor, is that a common fault on these motors? He also took the car to a shop where they replaced EGR+ASV, checked the turbo, turbo+actuator was good, and told him this issue most likely is a wiring issue and not a bad sensor.

Its a high milage car so I guess wiring issues could/would be the issue here.
Engine is a 2L CR CBDC..