Constant Power Loss


Jul 9, 2002
1998 Jetta TDI
Leading up to my situation; I filled up at my usual station, turned the key in the ignition and noticed the engine immediately surge and the RPMs spike - although nothing was touching the peddel.

The vehicle has not been the same since. Going up a local mountian was unbearable. I took it to a mechanic I thought I could trust (does this sound familiar - it's a whole separate story). He said I had water in my fuel. He changed the fuel filter, but the vehicle is still not responsive.

What can I do to fix the problem? And is there any further damage that can be done if I continue to drive in this condition?

I'd appreciate your thoughts and suggestions.

1998 TDI Jetta, 5-spd manual


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Mar 17, 2001
Reston, VA
Jetta, 2001, Baltic Green
Check for:
1. air leak at the T-valve on the fuel filter, Oring loose.
2. O-ring on the fuel shutoff solenoid worn, air leak.
3. intake manifold partially blocked at EGR valve requireing cleaning.
4. bad or flaky MAF.
5. if you haven't changed it yet, relay 109.
6. you can continue to drain the fuel filter and look for water. If there was water the first time, there may be more now.