Constant Power Accessory Outlets MK7 GSW *Easy*


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Aug 5, 2006
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Just purchased a new old stock Golf SportWagen and was a little disappointed that my phone wouldn't charge with the car off as it would in my 05.

Lots of searching and no clear answer on how to fix, many threads on different forums promote using an inline fuse holder and or removing fuse panel and rearranging wires on the back...
This is much easier than all of that in my 2015 Golf SW.

  1. First remove drivers side storage bin under the dash by opening then squeezing the back sides to unlatch and fold out of the dash more, then pull the bottom straight out off the hinge. Instructions and pictures in owners manual.
  2. Second spot the yellow 20 amp fuse close to bottom right
  3. Last move that fuse up half a position.

That's it, now both front and rear accessory cigarette outlets have power with the car not running.

Sorry if this has been covered already but I couldn't find it.
Also couldn't find a diagram of which fuses are which, not in owners manual or anything at the fuse panel.



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Dec 13, 2008
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Yep, easy fix. It has been covered here, but probably two years ago!

I would highly recommend to all new owners that want to do their own wrenching or maintenance to buy a one-day subscription to erWin here and download all of the service manuals and diagrams for the 2015s (CRUA engine code).


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Apr 4, 2005
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Awesome! Just found this thread and was annoyed by the 12v being only on when car is switched on. This will make it easier to run the trailer wiring;)....

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Feb 13, 1998
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Consider one of these devices to save you from a surprise-dead battery:
I use two to support my electronics package, one set to 12V and the other set to 14V (which basically means only when the car is running).
PS: I, too, appreciate having the ability to transport cold food...