Compression Tests Results... Low

claybreaker 144

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Aug 21, 2007
Western NC
2010 JSW
I picked up a Project 2013 Passat TDI, supposed contaminated fuel with DEF or gasoline, none runner. Surprisingly it has new HP injection pump, fuel rail, Injectors. I drained 8 gallons of fuel from the tank, cleaned what little contamination that was on the bottom of the tank and filter housing. No sign of corrosion on any metal fuel parts. Put a timing belt kit on it and when I was locking in the crank and cam I noticed the IP was not timed. Got it running but barely. Scanned with VCDS with P1006 Torque difference cylinders 2 & 3 and P 0302 Cylinder 2 misfire. I ran a compression test with the engine warm and all cylinders came in at 295, I did a 5 minute hold test and they only lost about 10 lbs. Going from my CJAA specs this is barely above the 276 wear limit, and far from 363-450 new. Is this motor toast? What are some real world compression numbers for a 100,000 mile CKRA?