Coilover recommendation, bags?


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Mar 24, 2021
2015 mk7
So I have begun my search for coilovers for my MK7. Searching the forum I am finding most people are running Bilstein or KW. The shop I work for is a Bilstein distributor so I get wholesale pricing on them. I only want maybe an inch of drop, BUT I really don't want to sacrifice ride quality. I really enjoy how smooth my car rides. How comfortable are the coilovers you are running? Anyone running bags? I would be open to air ride if they ride nice. Arizona has some crappy roads, so I really don't want to feel every bump in my daily.
Maybe I have a pipedream. If I sacrifice a lot of ride quality I would sooner just replace with OEM struts when mine go out (I am also a VW distributor so get partner pricing). What say you?


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Oct 25, 2014
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This thread is similar to my MK6 question from last night. I also only want 1" of drop, not many options for a mild setup.

KW street comfort and Koni for MK6. Bilstein kits advertise a minimum of 1.2" so that may not work for you. H&R is like 1.5 inch drop minimum


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Aug 19, 2009
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drop the car an inch or so, and down size the wheels to 16" or 15" and you'll maintain your ride quality.


May 28, 2018
MK7 Golf
I went with bags, love it. With the 10way damps turned all the way down and a reasonable ride height (little to no wheel gap) the ride is amazing.

Having said that it's still a lowered car! I'm happy with my choice because bags remove some of the major inconveniences of having a lowered car.
Steep driveway? Oversized-harsh-drop speedbumps? Getting a jack/lift arms under the car? Loading 3-4 full sized adults in the car and not scraping? Parking at your buddies apartment without a parking permit and scared the overzealous tow truck guy will tow you? Bags solve all these problems!

Now lets talk about the ride quality... it's ok. Like Stock is way better for a comfortable ride. But I can't pull multiple G's in a curve stock. The roads here (Dallas, TX) suck super bad but I still maintain a ride comfort level that I swing by and pick up my 74 year old Mother with no issues.

Another fun part! With one press (well, it's like a press... then double press. w/e) of a button my car drops to a "highway" setting. With the drop comes increased stability and fun! This is obviously only used on known highways.

To sum up, If you've never had a bagged car this is the perfect time/platform to experience it on. I also get a full bag kit can be pricey making static drops more appealing to some.

also you can park so hard with bags!