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Apr 7, 2006
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Hi -

Which part of these numbers is input through the VAG-COM and which to the radio?

I got the following codes from the original dealer of an '00 Golf (after proving ownership, etc.). I'm not sure which part of the code is actually input to VAG-COM; same with the radio. The examples (actual numbers changed obviously) reflect the number of digits I have:

AH 01234


WSC 01234

I presume the first is the immobilizer code, but I hadn't found the interpretation of which digits to input for importing a new key fob.

I presume the second is the radio code, but I also thought those were supposed to be 5 digits.

I presume the "WSC" is the importer. Is the importer in this example the "234" part following "WSC"?

Second Question

Is there a way, with the radio still functional, to verify or check the code? Are the first steps in resetting the radio's code useful in that regard, or do they also require that the radio go to CODE?

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