Code p0299 help VW passat B6


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Sep 12, 2023
VW Passat
We've recently bought a 2006 VW Passat in order to do up and repair. We've fixed a few problems but continue to have the on going problem of underboosting. We continue to get the error code p0299 but we've tried everything we can possibly think of and what we've found within forums; we've changed the turbo and the aculator but still no go! The EGR was previously blanked off also. We've done a smoke test in order to test for any holes in hoses and we've ensured nothing is loose. We're at a loss on what else it could be other than the ECU? The engine in the car also isn't the original engine and we're unsure what engine is in there now as the previous owner 'forgot' and we can't quite see the number on it without taking it all out. When driving the car it doesn't have any power or momentum and struggles to get up slight inclines, as soon as there are too many revs the glow plug light starts flashing.