Clutch & transmission installed - here are 2 tips


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Aug 1, 2002
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Wonder of wonders, everything works!

Tip 1: Use a block and tackle for lowering and lifting the trans, and also for aligning the engine for the dogbone mount installation. See below for photos.

Tip 2: Ski bibs are very helpful when working outside in subfreezing weather. Dressed just in insulated pants, sweatshirt, and medium weight winter jacket in 20°F weather yesterday, I got pretty thoroughly chilled. Today in 5-15°F temps, I added ski bibs and a stocking cap, and I stayed relatively warm.

Block & tackle photos:

Hooked up and ready to start lifting.

Coming up! Note that I started the lift with the transmission bracket attached, but I removed it to get past the power steering line.

Did the job solo, so I tied loops in the rope at stopping places in the pull to hold the transmission while I went below to adjust the trans position.

For most of the lifting, I hooked to a small shackle attached to the place the transmission bracket brace bar attaches to the transmission. This lifted the differential, which was helpful getting past the subframe. Once I had the transmission almost in place, I hooked on the slave cylinder hole for final alignment.


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Jan 5, 2014
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Nicely done, and thanks for the photos. I am contemplating similar, but using instead a cherry picker for the lifting and something like a tie strap to join between it and the gearbox..



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Aug 2, 2006
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I just use a ratchet strap on the engine support bar - works well enough to lift it in place. I use the bolt hole right by where you have the hook and it's near perfectly balanced. For removal it just about pops out onto the ground. Old pic before I had my shop - had to freeze in my parents garage!