Clutch swap, good time for 5th gear oil mod?


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May 8, 2006
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2003 Jetta GLS 5 Speed
My clutch has finally began to slip on me. I am hoping it will last until spring break, end of March, so I have plenty of time to swap it out, along with changing my timing belt. I have been reading on the idea of modifying the transmission case for better oiling of the 5th gear. Would this be a good time to do it? I mean, how far does the transmission need to be pulled in order to do the clutch? If I am pulling it back far enough to do the swap is it much more difficult to drop it to drill the case? Is a new 5th gear cover gasket required or is it re-usable?

I am figuring on spending about $1000 of my tax return. I do not want to go much more than that as it was all supposed to go towards paying my house down to the point I can put it on the market to sell. As it is the $1000 is pushing the envelope, but it is needed maintenance.
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Nov 3, 2001
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You will need to drop your tranny 100% to do the clutch. At least that is conventional method. Your choice as to whether you do the oil mod at that point.