Cluster or ECM? Which locks/unlocks doors when using the key fob?


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Jan 9, 2008
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Actually two questions, both relating to ECM and cluster.

Some background first: I'm putting an ALH in to a 2000 Audi TT. My donor car is a 2002 Golf. My plan is to use the ECM and wiring harness from the 2002 Golf and use the Audi TT cluster. I believe the 2002 Golf has immo 3 but the Audi does not have the immobilizer feature.

First question: Is it the cluster or the ECM that allows the key fob to lock/unlock the doors? Or do both play a part in locking/unlocking the doors and opening the hatch with the key fob?

Second question: Will I need to get an immobilizer delete for the 2002 Golf ECM for the Audi to start? I'm guessing yes, but am not sure.