Cluster Needle Sweep possible even if VCDS can not do it


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Aug 20, 2003
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2011 Golf TDI, 2dr, M6, Stock
you state you need specialist equipement to do this mod , basically you state that it needs the eeprom editing in the dash cluster to enable it . please share the locations in the dump and the new values that are needed as this can then be done with a cheap eeprom programmer and i little knowledge not $2000 of equipment . i would like to test youre theory on a a3 2010 tdi cluster . i have the resources and if it is only eeprom contents of the 24c32 or the 24c64 eeprom then it is actually only a few minutes work.

i have info that these are the actual locations that need to be changed at to these values ,however it would be nice to confirm this before i pull out the dash and open the clocks to try .

Staging Address:0x66

Change to 0 for Staging

Vehicle Symbol:0x342

0A -Sedan

This is the answer folks. If you know how to dump and program an eeprom then you can change this bit and enable it if you really want the feature that bad.