Chime in if you think the new Passat is a snoozer.....


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Feb 5, 2002
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I totally agree...there ARE uglier cars... (crosstour, juke, veloster(what a mess that one is), versa, venza(yuk)...etc....
I just think it's a car with a big potential market and I think they went too impala and not dynamic looking enough. But better to err on "conservative" I suppose then blow it completely....followed one on the highway today and could not tell it was a Passat till I went by it is so similar to Jetta on highway....I would never buy a Kia and that is NEVER but that new Optima is one gorgeous looking car. IMHO. New Audi A6 is pretty sharp as well in person....and I know it's love or hate but I love the new Charger SRT8 in person....There was a black one next door today all cleaned up and they have done some very daring design on that car. Exterior I am talking....