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Apr 7, 2016
2003 Jetta TDI wagon, 5 sp, 226K miles
Hi all,

With the high price of fuel lately I'm looking to offset some cost by making my own fuel and/or cutting the diesel with other additives but I need to be able to clean that in an economical way (not continuously buying filters).

I am looking into centrifuges .... specifically open bowl one pass type centrifuges ( I already have a pressurized spinner type system ( diesel raft) that I never used but I think for ease and practicality I'm just going to buy an open bowl single pass centrifuge).

I've looked into a number of different units from different companies :


Raw power centrifuge

Diesel craft ( have this but it's not open bowl single pass)

Simple centrifuge

Appears the company from Pennsylvania ... PA biodiesel I believe went out of business

Anybody have first-hand experience with any of the above centrifuges and / or ideas as to which brand / make / model is best? Anybody have experience with other different brands?

Looking to make a purchase soon.

Thanks in advance for any and all help.