Caution - Students with Moving Trucks


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Apr 17, 2002
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TDI Fest is coming to the Boston area, Braintree to be specific. You may think Boston has some crazy drivers, but that is not what you need to look out for. What you do need to look out for is students with moving vans. Labor Day weekend is move in time for thousands and thousands of students in the Boston area. Students may have passed their SAT's and graduated with honors, and perhaps a teacher graded on a 'curve', but that doesn't prepare you for the real world.

A sign that says "10 foot clearance" is the real world.

Thanks to Boston's infamous Storrow Drive along the beautiful Charles River, which is a cars-only road. Some people still have trouble comprehending "Cars Only". There are even signs like this, for those people who do not understand math or the words "low clearance".

Luckily, driving to and from the 'fest does not involve Storrow Drive for most of you.

When taking a spin around Boston, give that moving van a little extra space in front of you. It might be coming to an abrupt halt.

Storrow Drive... one of its many low bridges.

Storrow Drive with moving truck, or what's left of it.

Also, Don't forget about Storrow Drive's cousin... Memorial Drive, on the other side of the Charles River

Enjoy yourself but watch out for those trucks in front of you.

On the other hand, I like to think of Storrow Drive as Boston's public race track.


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Aug 13, 2003
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HaHa sounds like my neiborhood here in PA. We are your close cousin to students per capita. And we have our low railrod bridges


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Oct 21, 1998
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Lineman, nice advisory.

Yep, I must confess. There have been evenings when I've just hopped in the car for a lap around the Charles on a summer's evening. Windows down. Stereo playing something appropriate for the occasion. Constantly changing views. Constant reminders of why I love this city. And zoomy roads along the banks of the river - on not one, but... BOTH SIDES! We are truly blessed.

<added thought>

The fun one is the Storrow side. FYI, heading from the bigdig outbound, expect all exits to be on your LEFT! Before I 'learned' the Storrow side, on more than one occasion I found myself exiting the river unintensionally!

The really scenic side is coming back into the city on the Memorial Drive side. As you hit the Hyatt the view of the Back Bay, Beacon Hill, and the river is fantastic. I recommend doing a lap or two up and down the river as far out as Soldier's Field Road. If you want, there's an easy side trip to Mt. Auburn Cemetery, which has a stone tower you can climb that gives you an A-class view back down the river to the harbor.

It's worth the trip!