CAN-plug pin-outs !?!


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May 10, 2000
Western Siberia (Finland)
Hi !!

I was wondering about a CAN-bus adapter to PC ..
Now I have figured out the schematics and parts to rs-232 interface.

But what's the pin-out of different connectors used ?!
(There's at least OBD-II , 2x2 and 16pin Audi types !!)

So if you have the info about the pin-out of any
of these - please tell me !!
(I need pins for CAN-ground , CANH and CANL signals ..)

And do these have similar pins in every connector
type used ?! - Perhaps I could just do one
cable with manually pluggable pins in other
end to be able to adapt all connectors ..

If I get the thing to work I'll post the
DIY-instructions here ...