can I delete my O2 sensor?


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May 4, 2023
2005 BEW wagon
I can't find an answer literally anywhere! 2005 bew wagon. I ordered a brand new 'proclaimed bew' catless turbo-back exhaust but it didn't come with a bung for the O2. (It was for an alh and they just decided to say it was compatable with bew) I live in WA state with no emissions to pass and I've already deleted the EGR. Can anyone explain why I should leave the O2 sensor in? I'll say again: no EGR, no emissions to pass, no cat. The car drives fine without the sensor but I'm worried my AFR will be affected..


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Dec 11, 2001
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There are just too many to list....
Most tuners will have tuned it out with an EGR delete anyway.

There is no mention of the BEW's lambda sensor in the self study guide (seriously!), like it doesn't even exist. The ONLY mention in ANY of the PD TDIs' service lit is with the BKW (V10), and then it just says it is for EGR checks, which I am betting is all it would be used for in the BEW/BHW/BRM as well.

So chances are, yours isn't doing anything anyway.