Can anyone help a Noob install his PP520's at the Fest


Aug 26, 2006
I have a set of Kerma PP520's coming and i'd like to bring them along to the fest and get them installed by someone who knows what their doing.

I also have a New South Boost Gauge, but that would be asking alot. I could pay, but i'm a broke college student, who's scraping just to make my payments.

Thanks Guys.


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Jul 29, 2001
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Gotta break the nozzles loose from the injector body and then torque them down on the injector. Just gotta keep the vise from moving when doing that.


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Sep 13, 2004
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Although Paramedick is well respected and a gracious person for voulenteering, I feel I should mention there is access to the "professional route".

Oliver Wegener, the crew chief of RallyVW will be there installing nozzles in tandem to Rocketchip. The main benefits I would say is that he has all the tools and has done nozzle swaps professionaly many many times before. I think he only charges 50 bucks, although I think the job is worth well over 100$.
I think he can also pop test, not sure if on site though.

He did my car, and I am happy as pie with it (as well as 15 other things).

I know that nozzles are supposedly easy, but I would much rather have a pro with extensive experience doing it.
If you do decide to do it yourself dont forget to replace your fuel lines. I dont know if you have to but I am pretty sure oliver did it on my car and am not sure if I paid extra. I was also changing my fuel filter at the same time. Which I must say is an excellent opportunity to do that!

Also you made a wise choise with the PP520. Kudos to you for not taking the easy road with the Sprints. Its says alot, the PP's are always backordered. I had to wait 2 months.

Paramedik, you are a good man for voulenteering and I look foward to meeting you, just throwing this out there as another and easier option for both of you.


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Sep 23, 2001
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I know the rally team truck has a vice built in. I will be around to "coach" but you guys should seek out Oliver for the actual work.