Calling Any Euro ALH or ASV owners! Looking for ECU Pin info


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Jan 24, 2012
Golden, CO
96 Passat B4V, ALH engine out of a 2002 Jetta, some IE Rods and ASV Pistons. Nothing drivable yet though
Hello There,

I am in the process of performing an ALH swap into an 86 Golf Westy. I am building my wiring harness and I am planning on using ASV maps/software in my 03 American ALH ECU. I am in need of some help. I am trying to figure out if the European ASV/ALH ECU came with a white/blue wire that goes from the ECU Pin 24 to T10w/10. Or maybe T10d/10 (Green connector for the earlier cars). I am looking for voltage while the car is running at idle. If there is not a wire coming from the pin on either of those plugs. Can someone check for voltage at the ECU pin 24 its self? I am looking at using this pin as my MIL light for my swap as per this thread.

Link for any interested in taking a look at my build thread.