Caliper issues... again

Lex Tdi

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Oct 4, 2016
Lexington ky
2013 Passat
back in july i had a caliper sticking on my front driver side brake... started on a long trip, would stick for awhile and then let up. I stopped for a meeting after it had been dragging and it was smoking. Came back out an hour later and rode perfectly fine the whole 2 hour drive home. It kept happening so I got it to the shop and replaced the caliper and flex hose.

I have been fine until today, again long trip, would start grabbing for 5 miles at highway speed, then would be fine for 10. Am i completely missing something on how this could be happening again on a brand new caliper?


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Aug 19, 2018
Space Coast FL (321 area code)
2015 Passat TDI SEL, phase 2a
Power bleed your calipers every 2 years with FRESH VW spec dot4. Ive done this on every car I’ve owned and have never had a caliper stick. On a KTM mud bike with brembo yes, cars- no.

Sounds like water or something else got into your system. I would run qts through, power bleeding it (2nd person pushing pedal).

BTW - I know Audis will flick the brakes every so often when wipers are on (or windshield senses rain) to keep the brakes dry when its raining for safety stopping power. Maybe that was brought to Passat and the VCDS parameter needs reset or ECU controlling it was damaged or power flashed in a surge. Was car ever in a flood ?