CA Convoy to TDIFest


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Sep 21, 2005
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Hi everyone,
I'm leaving early for fest (rather a must for me). Just wanted to know if anyone wanted to tag along for the ride.

I'm leaving Wednesday night ~7pm from San Jose and driving over night to avoid all the traffic. I'll be arriving at the hotel Thursday morning.

We would love the help with set up, if anyone decides they want to join. And a convoy of TDI's is always SO much more fun to ride with than going alone. It'll help keep us more awake as we ride overnight.

Here's my route in case anyone wants to meet up with us along the way.
Post if you want to meet up. Be warned that I'm on a tight schedule and won't wait very long for people, but don't mind taking a few minutes and meeting up with ya!

Hope to see you on the road! :D
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