C5 a6 swap


Mar 26, 2024
Grande prairie Alberta
So I’ve been reading these forums for a few years now and I’m stuck lol I need some advice!
so I have a 2001 Jetta with a alh I just installed a set of new injectors with 230mm nozzles and a 5mm pumps needles to say it’s a smoky pig right now I’m waiting on head studs and a dual valve spring set. As the title says I plan on swapping this engine into my a6 this is the manifold I plan on using for the swap with a he200w have any of you used this manifold in a Jetta or golf before? I can’t seem to find an answer in here. Will I need to upgrade my rods before swapping to the he200w? I have a second engine sitting in the corner I plan on building eventually but I’d rather not blow up a perfectly good engine if I can get away with it thanks in advance