Businesses I’ve started - anyone interested?


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Jul 1, 2012
Vancouver, BC
05 wagon tdi
So I dunno about everyone else, but one of the reasons I drive my tdi or any of our diesels in general, is because I like to save money so that I can make money and give people jobs. We’ve been up to a lot the last few years.

This might be a long shot posting here but I figure why not reach out to a community that I’m a part of? While currently we don’t have anything directly diesel, or even car (other than scrap), related we are planning on a garage of sorts in the future - there’s just a little ironing out to do.

We do relocations/moving - 38ft gooseneck
a total of 2112cuft (8L*8W*3H) + (30L*8W*8H) or
304sqft (30Lx8W) + (8Lx8W) is available for moving space.

We have been in the construction business for over 90 years - with our collective experience being WAY MORE-, employing masters of trade and equipment. Our capabilities run from ground up; small to commercial scale. Our quality speaks second to none.

We’ve entered the cannabis scene (have been apart of the legacy market for approximately 10 years) doing cbd products. I can make products as strong or as diluted as wanted. We do many, from topical stuff to ingestible stuff and even inhaled. Now... I know some people might be dissuaded because of what companies normally charge for cannabis products and the hoopla, but our prices are MUCH better, aside from that all of our products are ultrasonically homogenized so that batch consistencies are as thorough and on target as possible (0.1% deviation), with the main benefit of being delivered WAY FASTER. Everything we do currently is made to order so there is a MOQ on whatever you want and we ship anywhere in Canada.

Our most recent venture is recycling! It’s been one nearly 5 years in the making, but we currently recycle drink containers (plastic, metal and paper(tetra), metals (food related tins, coffee cans, foils, scrap cars, other metals/alloys etc...) and corrugated cardboard. In the future we’re looking to start doing compost and other neat stuff that I can’t divulge just yet 😁