Brussels back in the (diesel) saddle again!


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Jun 20, 1998
Sterling, Massachusetts. USA
idi: 1988 Bolens DGT1700H, the other oil burner: 1967 Saab Sonett II two stroke
Rolled up windows no A/C pissing in a cup at 53.5 MPH not for me...
No trucker bombs from me. The Barcalounger seat mod I prefer would mean going up-hill into a container and that's not a pleasant thought.
Windows up: yes, but sunroof tipped up, vents open and fan on only as absolutely needed.
I finally got around to replacing (rather than continuing to re-build) the rear calipers that incessantly dragged from park brake use. Daily average mileage is up 10% to low 50's since then.