Broken website link to TDi Fest 2016 (in 2017).


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I do not know if this is the right place to post an error, but today (October 2017), I clicked on the TDi Fest Link at the top of the page, [ ] and was re-directed to an error page, where the Wiki of the TDIfest 2016 was [ ].

It appears that the server is no longer functioning or its DNS links have been changed.

IF it was locked, or something happened , post event that may explin it, however I was wondering if a sub-forum has been created from the 2016 data, and if it might help those who may be contemplating the 2018 Fest.

I am guessing, that since 2015 was the (so far) last model year of the TDi in Canada, and the US, and the Life expectancy of a well cared for TDI is approximately 15 years (giver or take a HPFP or other event), then perhaps the TDI fests would keep on happining well onto the 2030's .

No, I do not wish to be blasphemous, just look on the practical side of things. 2030 apepars to be 10 years after 2020, and that is the so called death of diesel dates in Euro Cities, so then from the time 2020 to 2030 I figure there still will be TDi's rolling on the road. [2015s will be five years old in 2020, ten years old in 2025]

WIth fuel prices being where they are, and the additional requrements for better MPGs and less emissions, I am speculating that the TDI base has been eroded a bit, but from a numbers point of view, I wonder if someone has been sold a bunch of swampland in a low level ocean state, with the suggestion that armageddon will erupt unless the swampland is saved for all eternity.

Besides all of that, there still will be Diesel engines around, perhaps not in the small block configurations ( I cn't see why not, with the expanding markets from Asia), but they still will be around as a unique form of transport.

I am guessing that there will be people (like me), who do not follow blindly to the edge of the precipice, as lemmings do, but learn and share their experiences with others, and as such would find such a website helpful.

So, with the continuation, of the TDIClub not nessecarily tied to a particular brand, perhaps there already are clubs for D2 powered Jeeps, BMW, and MB products, but at least this one had information that applied to all vehicles, gssers as well as oil burners, and for that I think the 2016 fest wiki should be kept.
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Why would we keep a registration link to the 2016 TDIFest active?

We don't know what to make of the rest of your post.

Good luck.