Brm stuck glow plug issue


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Mar 30, 2014
2000 Vw golf tdi
I have an 06 Jetta tdi BRM engine
I was swapping glow plugs and cylinder #1 glow plug was stuck and literally the top part pulled off leaving the glow plug end along with the welded metal that comes from it wedged in the head. I’ve driven the car for months like this but when smog time comes I will need to figure something out.

Is there a tool that anyone knows if that can help remove this ? Otherwise I’ll just run it like this till the end. Thank you


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Jul 31, 2006
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Have you posted this in the MKV section? We have an 06 BRM Jetta as well. Would be good info to have...


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Mar 1, 2014
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I posted it on another section
And was advised to post here
Eh, close enough.

You can tie all 4 glow plug wires together, then connect them to the three remaining glow plugs, so that it sees equal current across all of them. This will keep it from setting codes.

other than that, the "proper" fix is to pull the head, lest the bits of glow plug tip fall in while drilling it out
You can always try step-drilling it with progressively larger bits while the engine is running to try and keep the chips blowing out, but you eventually run into where the last size will leave a portion of the tip that's in the combustion chamber

I'd run it as-is without a second thought. Maybe keep a spare in the glovebox with a cheap ratchet and socket in case it finally blows out.


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Jan 18, 2001
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I would get in touch with Franko6. He regularly deals with these problems.

First off, when a glow plug is stuck, take some time to soak the hole with penetrating oil like PB Blaster.
Next, do not try to remove the plug on a cold head. Run the car a while to heat things up.
When undoing glow plugs, do not use brute see where that got you.

Anyway, you now have a situation on your hands.
You can take care of this without removing the head and without dumping debris into the cylinder.
It is not necessary to drill into the end of the broken plug any deeper than the threads of the glow plug go. The threads are the only thing holding the plug in. The rest of the plug will keep the debris from falling into the cylinder.

Can't get into the details of the process much right I said, get hold of Franko6 and he can explain it and may have tools to rent so you can deal with the extraction.