Brake Lights Always On With Headlights - No Cruise


Apr 23, 2004
I have searched far and wide for someone here with symptoms that match those of my 98 1Z. I thought it was the brake light switch. Fault code is 00741.

here is what happens. the brake lights work fine with the headlights turned off. when on, the brake lights (including the center light) are constantly illuminated. And the cruise does not work.

I replaced the brake light switch, but am thinking maybe i f'd it up. It is seated properly, but the plunger does not extend far enough out to touch the pedal arm when the brakes are fully engaged. Should the plunger always be in contact with pedal arm, or only when the brakes are disengaged (i.e. UP)?

then i went to the stealership and the guy thinks it has something to do with the headlight switch since the brake lights act strange only when the headlights are on.

another side note, with headlights off, only the left front turn signal bulb illuminates with brakes engaged. i assume both should. any help/thoughts/advice would be greatly appreciated as i need not be stopped by johnny law.


Diesel Dude

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Jul 8, 2000
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Check your bulbs, I suspect one has the filament between the brake and tail lights crossed as these are dual filament type bulbs. If you remove one at a time and this is the problem it will disappear. Good luck.