Brake Icon in Dash???


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Sep 11, 2000
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I finally had the light come on in the dash that I need new front brakes (at a whopping 110,000 miles). I have NEVER had brakes last that long (lots of highway driving)....I replaced them with another set of of pads (with the sensor)-but the light on the dash is still on. Do I need to use Vag-com to turn it off-or did I just not make a good connection at the plug in???


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May 21, 2003
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Well I would check the connection just to be sure.
You can clear it with the vag-com but if there's a bad connection it will come back. Not sure if it will clear by itself after you cure the prob(ie change the pads like you did).



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Jul 30, 2002
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There is a whole procedure to go thru to reset the brake light via vagcom.

Try PM'ing strretch...I believe he has the instructions.


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May 13, 2001
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You can also disable the light via Vag-Com. It should re-set itself if the connection is good. May take a few on off cycles. Check/Search the OBD scanners section for more info.


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Nov 29, 2001
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Hey, sorry for the delayed response.

michTDI: I'm not sure if I can help you or not, but I'll give you a suggestion or two. I would think that reconnecting the new pad wear sensor should do it, but since it isn't, I'd fiddle with VAG-COM. As Radman indicates, you can disable the idiot light in VAG-COM. Do this:

(1) Go into the Instruments section -> Recode. You have a 5-digit number in there. Write it down. Note the first two digits. Probably you have "07" as that's what most N. American cars have, I think.
(2) Subtract 01 from the first two digits and enter the new number in. So, if you had "07xyz" before, you should type in "06xyz" now. Then save.
(3) Exit VAG-COM.
(4) Did the idiot light go out? If not, I don't know what's going on, and the problem is beyond me. If so, go back into VAG-COM and undo what you just did. I.e., change "06xyz" back to "07xyz" and save.
(5) Did the idiot light come back on? If so, you have a bad connection. If not, great! We're done!

Here's the scoop. The first two digits of the cluster's code give you control over the idiot lights and alarms. They are given by the following:
00 = No equipment coding
+01 = Brake wear sensor alarm
+02 = Seatbelt warning
+04 = Washer fluid warning
Add them all to get 07, which means your cluster will alarm you if any of these sensors trip. Subtract 01, and you've disabled the brake wear sensor.

I hope that helps.



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Mar 30, 2005
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Just for the fun of it I'll bring this back to life. I had been wondering how to bypass this warning light. I bought some Hawk pads a while back and have just lived with the warning. Tonight I simply made a "bridge" wire between the two connector pins in the connector on the golf.

It completed the connection and my warning light went off. Good for ne1 w/out a vagcom