Blow of valve


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Mar 23, 2011
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Who can help me with the installation of blow of valve?
Is it possible?
you can install whatever you want. will it work on a TDI? NO, never will. if you do, it will trigger a Limp mode
no idea on your ford S Max though.
its typical for a post to include things like the specific part your talking about and the details of your car...
a random question that you just posted has no basis and will only get flamed here for newb 2F2F bs air intakes and blow off whistles and extreme camber


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Jun 11, 2002
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Who can help me with the installation of blow of valve?
Is it possible?
From the old TDIFAQ (I can't find the link anymore on this site):

The old TDIFAQ said:
11. Blow-off valves or BOV or similar

Since people insist upon asking about these devices, they need to be discussed ... The purpose of a "blow-off valve" or "diverter valve" on a gasoline engine is to give boost pressure someplace to go when the throttle plate is abruptly closed, to prevent operating the compressor in the "surge" regime. Since a diesel engine doesn't have a throttle plate, a gadget like this serves absolutely no purpose and has no business anywhere on a diesel engine. "But I like the cool noise ..." Too bad, this discussion is focused on things that WORK. Even if you manage to find some way to make such a device work, the noise of people "in the know" laughing at you because they realize that it has absolutely no place on your engine will drown out the noise that the device itself makes.

Installation: Impossible. Cannot be made to work even if you insist upon it.

Advantages: None.

Disadvantages: Won't work. People who actually know how a diesel engine works will laugh at you for even considering it. You are your own warranty.

Cost factor: Too much, all things considered.

Cautions specific to this modification: Won't accomplish anything.

Suggested modifications in parallel: Irrelevant.

"Bang for the Buck": One hundred percent total waste of time and money.

What if I want more? Do something that actually accomplishes something ...
LOLOLOLOLOL!!!! At least the old TDIFAQ says I should LOL!!! :)