Bilstien B6 upgrade problem


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May 11, 2020
quebec, canada
2001 jetta tdi
Hi, I have a 01 jetta (can/usa edition) and have the bilstien HD front struts, Ive been working on them today to change the rubber mounts and bearings, I'm thinking something was not right to begin with. 1st I have my strut and then install my compressed spring, then the plate that holds the spring and then the bearing and finally the nut, that seems fine, I think it basically bottoms out. Then I put the rubber mount in and install it in the shock tower and then comes what i find weird, the round plate that goes on in the engine compartment (with the rubber ring) doesnt like to go on the shaft, you have to screw it on, its like the shaft is the same size as the hole. Then, when I put the final nut and tighten it the plate doesn't go down flush on the shock tower, theres a half inch gap. Im going to jack the car tomorrow and see if the strut assembly drops, looking at videos, when everything is new, i believe it should sit flush.

There is a diagram that shows a bushing in there but it says european only, in my case it seems what would be a bushing is part of the actual strut shaft. Im wondering if the heavy duty struts have a bigger shaft and maybe I should drill out the plate that goes on before the final nut (the one under the hood).

Just wondering if anyone has done the B6 upgrade and had any issues.