Bilsteins terrible


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May 12, 2013
Coweta, OK
2002 5 Speed Beetle-sold, 2010 Jetta-sold 2014 Beetle
So I purchased the Bilstein B4s and put on my wife's 2014. These things are horrible. Rides worse than what came off that had 120k miles on them and rides worse than my 20 year old 3/4 ton that rides rough. What setup have you all found that is good for confort. She drives mainly highway. Spring change? Different struts. My 02 sure didn't ride like this and one of them is clanking in the back already. Bilstein seems to have gone to crap last set I put on a truck wasn't any good either.


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Dec 11, 2001
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There are just too many to list....
I've never had any issues, and I install a lot of them. But obviously if you want something different.... Sachs/Boge is who made the OEM ones on the 2014 Beetle. Although I would not have thought anything was "wrong" with them at only 120k miles. They are pretty soft from the factory in my opinion.