BHW swap


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Jul 9, 2024
04 jetta, 02 GTI(pd swap), 01 jetta, 15 jetta
Soo i recently had a runaway and melted cylinder 1 in my BHW mk4 im going to order a balance shaft delete for the new block im putting together for it but noticed kerma only sells it with the brm components now i was using the other kit (alh gears and chain) in my engine without oil issues does anyone know the difference in oil pressure and if the brm gears and sprockets are worth using or if its better at all i would rev mine out to like 5000rpm never had issue previously until bad turbo made it runaway also wondering about salvaging the one that ran away does anyone know if a bew head would work on a 2L BHW block or do i gotta **** around and find out for myself i know the ports are bridged and makes me curious if that helps fuel milage or if it just makes less flow because my 1.9 with the same tune and same vnt17 got like 400km more per tank only other thing i was thinking was maybe a bigger turbo and new tune would help the 2L achieve better milage what turbo would be best was looking at a gt2060vklr has annyone tried turbos from powertdi ? Im debating trying one