BHW/01E 6 Speed Swap


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Dec 10, 2010
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I have one, bought for the engine. Black. Big dent in the hood and a ripple in the left front fender. 17 in. wheels. No steering wheel buttons. The rest is in pretty nice shape. Sell cheap. Washington.


Jul 26, 2011
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Let me know what is missing from the list & I'll update it.
could you post a pic of the locations and part numbers of the mounting bolts and where they go. It would be uber conveinent. I have a buggered up install I need to fix. TIA


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Apr 1, 2006
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Wanted to update this thread...

For clutch selection, I went with the DMF/sachs SRE combo, obtained through Darkside:

I now have 300,000km on the swap, and the transmission continues to shift just fine.

However, the DMF was starting to make the "death rattle" more common on the BRM cars (rattle at idle, clanking, changes or goes away under load)

So, with a failing DMF, and 300,000km, should I order just the DMF, or another whole clutch kit? I decided to get the DMF, and hope that the clutch was/is still servicable.

Upon disassembly, the DMF was shot - the center pivot bushing had roughly 1mm of play, where there isn't supposed to be any...

The clutch has 8.4mm thickness new according to Sachs Race Engineering's website, and mine currently has 8.0 mm of thickness - not bad for 300k km, though much of it was highway with little shifting.

Going by depth to the rivets, I had used up only 15% of the lining thickness, so I decided to reinstall the clutch on the new DMF, along with a new release bearing. WIth the DMF replacement finished this evening, the car idles much smoother, and the rattle/clanking is now gone.

All in all, I would still go with this swap using this clutch.

I guess teaching my teenager how to drive stick on this car certainly didn't help matters...


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Mar 17, 2013
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Out of curiosity, is that a 228mm or 240mm diameter setup? Did you use a spacer between the engine and trans?